Tonies Hörfigur The Little Prince - Englisch

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Details zur Hörfigur The Little Prince im englischen Original von Tonies

The Little Prince has left his planet to discover other worlds and find new friends, leaving behind his treasured rose. After landing on Earth he encounters a pilot who has crash-landed in the middle of the desert. A strange yet emotional friendship forms and the pilot learns from The Little Prince what it truly means to be human.

A timeless masterpiece and a plea for humanity and friendship. Much more than a children's book! A new translation of the world-famous classic, masterly interpreted by Alex D'Attoma and with music by August Zirner and Kai Struwe.

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Besondere Merkmale


01 - When I was six years old

02 - And so I lived all alone

03 - It took me a long time to realise

04 - I had thus learned a second very important thing

05 - Every day I learned something new

06 - Ah, little prince

07 - On the fifth day

08 - I soon got to know much more about this flower

09 - I think that

10 - He found himself travelling through the region

11 - The second planet was inhabited by a man

12 - The next planet was inhabited by a drinker

13 - The fourth planet belonged to a businessman

14 - The fifth planet was very strange  

15 - The sixth planet was ten times bigger

16 - The seventh planet, then, was Earth

17 - In trying to be witty 

18 - The little prince crossed the desert 

19 - The little prince climbed up a high mountain

20 - After the little prince had walked for ages

21 - At this moment the fox arrived

22 - "Good morning," said the little prince

23 -  "Good morning," said the little prince

24 - We were now into the eight day

25 - "People crowd into express trains,"

26 - Beside the well were the ruins of an old stone wall 

27 - The fact is that six years have passed now

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